How do we implement Ecosystem-Based Management?

Inclusion of EBM in resource management occurs in various sectors and requires program aspects ranging from scientific research to planning and execution. There are numerous examples in which NOAA and other federal agencies are already using EBM approaches in programs and projects across the country. Science-based tools such as Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEAs) are providing decision support to assess social and economic impacts from changes in resource management and environmental stressors. Fishery managers are also using the assessments developed by the IEA program to implement EBM plans for fishery management.

Many decision support tools exist to facilitate collaboration and aid during project planning and implementation. EBM training programs are also available from many federal agencies and outside partners. These tools help managers around the country gain the skills they need to implement EBM strategies in their projects and programs.

More information on existing programs see the  Fisheries Management Activities, Protected Resources, and Resilient Coastal Communities and Habitats pages.